Tuesday, December 25, 2007

White Christmas

Snow started to fall around noon today. Then rain. Then more snow. Small flakes. My first white Christmas. Very exciting. I played with the dog and watched movies all day. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

first snow!

When I was busy shopping my savings away at the UCU annual show, it snowed! This was my first snow day in Seattle. Actually, my first snow day ever! Yes, it's true I was born in Chicago. But I don't remember anything, let alone snow days, since I only lived there until I was about three years old.

My housemates asked me if I was excited and stuck out my tongue to taste the snow. No, I didn't do that. Maybe I'll try it next time. I was excited to get out my camera and started snapping away at the white powder falling from the sky onto trees and buildings and cars lining the streets. I took a couple of pictures outside of the Seattle Center, across the street from Teatro Zinzanni. Took a couple more as I was walking back to the monorail heading back downtown. Managed to squeezed in a couple of more shots at the Westlake Center. Then finally had to put the camera away since it wasn't meant for that kind of weather.

When I came home, it was already dark out. Too bad. I wanted a picture of our house covered in snow. My housemate took some of the house and Maggie, our dog, earlier in the day. It came out nice. I also came home to a nine-foot Christmas tree. My job was to decorate it. I think we need more ornaments. Or maybe candy canes. I decorated the tree as the snow keep on falling. Alas, it all melted away on Sunday and we were left with a heavy rain storm instead.

crafts galore

I went to the Urban Craft Uprising annual show on Saturday. UCU is in it's third year showcasing products from indie crafters near and far. I haven't been paying attention to the dates of the show much because I was never in the area. Now that I live in Seattle, how could I miss it!

I got up quite early for a Saturday morning and made it to the Seattle Center around 10:30am. The doors open at 11am. I wanted to try and be the first one hundred people so I could get a swag bags. Fat chance! By the time I got there I was about the two hundredth person in line. Oh well, better set the alarm clock next year.

There were over a hundred vendors inside the exhibition hall. UCU made a map of all the vendors to hand out to the enthusiastic shoppers. Myself included. Very helpful. You can also go on the UCU website before the show to see a list of vendors and their booth location. Also, there were hourly raffles and a fashion show.

No I did not take any pictures of the show. I was too busy browsing and buying. Don't worry, I managed to get out of there without spending a lot of money. I did came out with a bag full of business cards though. I'll be listing links to some of my favorite vendors on my other blog, favorites.feltlikeit.com. Look for the "ucu" tag/categories!