Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Prince Conti Hotel

Got to the Prince Conti Hotel just before 2am. I was so tired and ready to just go to bed. I was also trying to force myself to get used to the time difference. I went from Pacific time to Daylight Saving time to Central time.

An interesting thing happened when I walked through the front door though. There was a policewoman arresting a female guest. The front desk clerk later told me that the guest left her son, who looked to be about 10 years old, alone in the room while her and her fiance went out. The son was taking a nap and started crying out for his mother when he woke up to find the room empty. The clerk tried calling her cell phone several times but no one answer. The hotel had to call the police.

After all the excitement, I went up to my room and settled down. I'm glad I picked this hotel. Great location, nice staff, comfortable room. The hotel let me checked out at noon instead of 11am and kept my bags for me until around 6:30pm. The bag storage was definitely a bonus for me because I wasn't heading over to the volunteer site until Monday night. Surprisingly not all hotels offer this service. Many will only let you leave the bags for no more then an hour. I would definitely stay at the Prince Conti Hotel again.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I booked a vacation package through United. I ended up arriving a day earlier then the rest of my group so I needed a room for the first night. The vacation package was flexible enough to let me choose how many nights of hotel I wanted, instead of for the entire trip. So that worked out really well.

My flight was leaving Sunday afternoon. I got there a little early so I went up to the Overlook Cafe to get something to eat. It was a nice little cafe with a view of the airport and UCSB. You can see the runway off to one side and Storke Tower off to the other. My sandwhich was good but I did have to keep going down the menu list since the kitchen ran out of a couple items. I finished off my meal with a shot of Lemon-Lime Airborne.

I went to the gate to go through security check and waited for the plane. And yes I did remember the 3-1-1 rule. On the plane, I had window seat. It was such a nice day out. Flying during the day has it's perks. On a nice day you would get to enjoy a great view from above. I got to enjoy the beautiful clear sky, the California coast line, and the Channel Islands.

Got in from Santa Barbara on time. I had about an one and a half hour layover so I just read. When I boarded the plane, the captain told us we would be about 40 minutes late due to high wind. It was definitely a bummer since the originally scheduled arrival in New Orleans was midnight!

Got in to New Orleans around 12:45am. There was no shuttle because the flight was late so the shuttle operators left and would not be back for another hour or so. After getting our luggages, everyone who wanted to take the shuttle had to go with the taxi or else wait until the operators came back. It was definitely scary taking the taxi by myself in the middle of the night. But I made it into the city just fine.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Volunteering in New Orleans

I was in New Orleans March 12 thru March 17 to volunteer with Common Ground Collective. I went with Gulf Coast Recovers, a group that my friend Jen is a member of. I had planned to travel to the Gulf Coast last year but did not make it due to schedule conflict with work. But when Jen email me the dates for this year's trip, I was really excited because I knew the timing would work.

Jen had sent out an email telling everyone about her plan to return to New Orleans and invited all of us along on her Spring Break trip (she's in grad school). After all the email replies back and forth, it was down to the six of us: me, Jen, Shakinah, Tammy, Ben, and Adam. We would all fly in to New Orleans separately, from California and New York, and meet up there.